C E Mitchell Tutoring Services LLC

Meet Owner & CEO of C E Mitchell Tutoring Services LLC



Hi! I'm Alexis Bridges, and I decided to start my own tutoring business eight years ago when I began to experience the constant demands and pressure of working in the school system as an elementary teacher and school counselor. After spending countless hours staying after school late, planning lessons, attending data meetings and workshops, I knew there was an easier way to continue my passion for education. Tutoring students was initially a part-time job that I did in my spare time. However, throughout the years my interest grew in starting a business but I was unsure of where to begin. 

Since 1998, I have tutored over 800 students for various companies whether it was in students' homes or online providing instruction in Reading, Math, and Language Arts. I worked with students in grades K-12 as well as a few college students. I soon realized that running a tutoring business would not be as difficult as I thought. Some companies I worked for didn't seem to care about the experience I had but wanted someone who was enthusiastic, patient, and encouraging for their students. I knew that I displayed these characteristics, had expertise in my field as a classroom teacher, and acquired business sense. With that being said, here I am today with my own company since March 2015. 

My qualifications include a BS in Elementary Education and an MS in Guidance & Counseling. I am certified as an Early Childhood Educator (P-5), School Counselor (P-12) in both Georgia and Alabama, TEFL-TESOL Instructor &  Achology Life Coach.

Who We Are

C E Mitchell Tutoring Services LLC provides one-on-one quality instruction and consultation to students in grades K-12 with a concentration in core subjects Reading, Math & Language Arts.

What We Do

We deliver customized instruction based on the academic needs of the individual student. In order to create personalized lessons for each student, we use formal and informal assessment data such as our pretest, previous classwork, state standardized test scores, and input from teachers. 

How We Do It

We give our clients the option of choosing in-home services or online instruction. We work collectively with teachers, parents, and the community to provide the best coaching and tutoring methods for effective results. 

We are a registered vendor and partner in education with Cobb County, Marietta City, and Douglas County Schools in Georgia.